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De YouTube: How To Tie A Trucker's Hitch Learning how to tie a trucker's hitch is one of the most useful life skills ever. Also known as a mover's knot, tie-down knot, or truckers knot, this knot is used to tie down any load by creating a super tight, slip-free knot. The trucker's hitch is a compound knot that is frequently used for securing loads on trucks or trailers. You can also tie this knot to make a clothes line, rig a tarp, secure drybags on a raft or kayak, and a million other uses. This knot works with any rope, flat webbing, or tubular webbing. The truckers hitch does not jam no matter how much you load the knot, and it comes apart easily once tension is released. The knot is locked with a simple half-hitch to keep it secure even when wet or in high wind (while driving, etc.) In this video I also teach you how to tie a G.E. Knot, which is a hitch to secure your rope to the initial anchor point. The G.E. Knot is also very easy to tie and comes apart instantly by pulling the tail of the rope. Get a rope or strap and practice tying the trucker's hitch while you watch this video. Once you master it, it's a life hack you'll have forever. Subscribe to my channel for more 1-minute how-to video: , ,January 16, 2016 at 11:06PM

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