YouTube video Recomendado: Wireless Music Speakers Flowerpot how to make flower sing


Wireless Music Speakers Flowerpot how to make flower sing

************************************************************************ ☞Product link: ☞Check plants whole sale: ☞Flash deals: ☞New arrivals products!!: ☞Get Super savings Banggood coupon: ☞Remember to subscribe us: (Thanks!!✿◡‿◡) ************************************************************************* ▼Deacription: It is a pottery which can be lighting, eye lamp plus colorful Hyun lights, Make your bed a little more decorative Intangible detection of flowers and flowers, flower pots have touch sensors and leaks ABS sturdy material, both inside and outside the basin-shaped injection molding, curve design lines beautiful Subwoofer, clear shock, high frequency, the bottom there are fixed anti-skid pad Built-in rechargeable power, piano mode and Bluetooth mode, in the case of standby, ten minutes will automatically shut down, (if the device is charged, it will not automatically shut down, need to shut down the phone) charging time of about 4 hours, playing time About 12 hours
via YouTube ,, November 28, 2017 at 05:18PM.

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